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How To Become A

Male Escort In India ?

By Becoming a male escort in India you will able to earn a higher salary and fullfill your sexual desires through the rich women from your selected locations. By following the below steps you can easily join the biggest male escort service in India.

  1. Create your Crypto Account & Click on the Join Now button
  2. Fill out all your details in the registration form.
  3. Verify your profile by using the Email verification link.
  4. Upload atleast 5-6 photos in your profile.
  5. Contcat our agent and share your ID card (adhar, voter id, passport or DL) for verification.
  6. Pay the registration fee.(i.e Rs3000 for silver, Rs5000 for gold, Rs8000 for diamond)
  7. Once we activate your profile clients can see your profile and contact details and they will contact you directly.
  8. You can also contact our agents for any help.
// Qualifications for male Escort Job in India

Requirements To Become A Male Escort

Must Have Qualities

  1. Candidate Must have a CRYPTO Wallet
  2. Age should be in between 18 yrs to 45 yrs
  3. Height should be in between 5'5" to 6'2"
  4. Weight should be in between 60 kg to 95 kg
  5. Candidate should be Well groomed and fit.
  6. Candidate should be medically clean.

Extra Preferences

  1. For high income candidate must have CRYPTO account
  2. Candidate should know HINDI or ENGLISH Language.
  3. Candidate should be well mannered.
  4. Candidate has to dressed up in occasions.
  5. Candidate needs to be clean and hygienic.
  6. Candidate must not be addicted to alcohol or drugs.

Who Needs a Male Escort?

Male escort job is to provide best sex experience as they requested,(wild, slow passionate, massage, licking, fingering etc) they hire you for long distance to travel together When a client(female) is broken down physically, emotionally, stress life and many upand downs in life they required a soul which they want to come out of this shitlife by having intimate Sex, massage, cuddling having multiple organism, somtime they gonna tell about their bad phases of life we gonna listen to their stories and make her comfort feel like is will be fine .

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What Does Male Escort Do?

  • Escorts are act like a partner you really need.
  • They put smile in a woman face.
  • They spend hours and hours with their clients.
  • They are that mature who can handle any client.
  • They give extra pleasure to needy woman and girls.

How you full fill your Fantasies ?

  • You can choose a specific age group to deal with like- 15-25 young hot girl or 30-40 year lady
  • You can choose a specific body type of your client like- slim and fit, healthy, tall, short, fair/dark and many more.
  • You can choose your client from your selected city locations.
  • You can choose your clients by their professions like- house wife, private/govt. employee, doctor, engineer and many more.
  • You can also choose your clients by your desired commitments like- no strings attached relationship, Casual Hook up or one night stand.

What is the benefits to become a male escort

Every one have the feelings to share to someone, some times there will be no suitable/appropriate person to share, to eat, to travel. So High Class Females will hire a person to be friend, mentor, personal coach, guide, lover, doctor and more than that for few hours/days so that they spend some time and move on in their life. This will again regain their energy, mental health and boost the productivity. At the End of the Day, we all are Humans, we too have emotions, we to love, hate and had feelings.

  • Part Time Job
  • Short Travel
  • Earn Through Crypto
  • Fulfill Your Desire

Frequently Ask Any

Question Here

What thing does being a straight male escort involve?

As a male escort, you will be required to accompany some desired women to events, weddings, work functions or just provide companionship for an evening. Before the date you will be contacted by the client, they will tell you what is required and you then have the opportunity to accept or decline the booking.

How much money can I earn per hour?

Our male escorts typically earn 2000 to 10,000 per hour.

How many calls will I get Per week?

No one can answer that question exactly, as it varies from escort to escort and weekly events. What we will do is give you our experienced advice and help to get the most out of your listing. It should be your objective, over a period of time, to build up a portfolio of regular clients who can fill your weekly diary. Just remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. (But one massive catastrophe wiped out Pompeii in a few hours!) The only way to know for sure is to roll the dice and give it a go. Remember there are no contracts, and you can cancel at any time. We will provide you with the best chance in the industry to reach your maximum potential.

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